Threading success is inseparable from the glass fiber duct rodder

FRP duct rodder we are familiar with it, in the pipeline construction needs traction line, they have to go through a very long and narrow pipeline, zero pipe construction headache is that I can not personally pull the line through the pipeline, glass fiber reinforced plastic duct rodder is the construction A good helper, to save time and effort to a variety of lines through the pipeline.
Threading success is inseparable from the glass fiber duct rodder
This product also has a protective effect on the line, such as cable storage will be subject to the destruction of the surrounding environment, you can rest assured that the cable on the punch device, the surface with glass fiber protection of the cable, is currently very popular Threader.
The FRP duct rodder design replaces the transport of the human pull line and leads the pull line through the tube in a shorter period of time. Perforated easy to use, there are many specifications such as fiberglass pipe perforator, cable threader, perforator device placed in a number of equipment, more convenient for work.
Currently on the market of FRP duct rodder competition is very fierce, when we buy threader, to pinch the threader manufacturers, threading specifications, prices, quality testing, shop around, select high-quality products, the Products are very easy to use, read the instructions can be used correctly.

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