The two parts that make up the duct rodder and how they work

    The duct  rodder consists of two parts: glass fiber reinforced, high pressure, low density polyethylene (smooth, strong, resistant to harsh environments). With the advantages of saving time, effort and improving work efficiency, the steel perforator can be used for telecom pipeline cleaning and the laying of optical cables, cables and plastic sub-pipes. The first use of glass fiber reinforced plastic rod led by the lead wheel, and then coupled with the corresponding metal head, penetrate the pipeline. When used for cleaning, the guide head drives the cleaning tool to clean the pipe. When used to lay the cables, the steel wire or the iron wire can be firstly introduced into the pipe, and then the steel wire or the iron wire can be used to pull the cable into the pipe. The company is located in:
FRP duct rodder
When using a threader in large-scale cable construction, the threading device can not be used to directly pull the cable. The metal threading head of the threader is used to pull a wire rope in the pipe and then use the wire rope to pull the cable so that the threading life will be greatly improved. Use a variety of pay-off pulley to improve work efficiency, protect the duct rodder.
Should be correct and standardized use of the product, be sure to protect the traction head (threader one, usually copper plating, the upper thread, you can loosen the tightness) can not be broken. The first use of the traction head alignment activities on the small frame pulleys, piercing by the pulley, and then threading, drawing, dredging and other work. If you encounter all of the fiber glass duct rodder to pull out of the frame, you should pay special attention to the last one is stuck in the ring on the small frame, the ring is used to hold the tractor traction plate used, So be careful when the last pull out the traction head, when the disk receives the threader must first traction head stuck in the middle of the ring.

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