The current situation of frp duct rodder

Frp duct rodder as metallurgical enterprises in recent years. On the basis of the threader, both parties will adopt the strategic cooperation agreement in line with the principle of reciprocity and equality, and the threader will take such cooperation to a strategic level and jointly push forward the cooperation between the two parties in the information automation field. In the field of information automation development and progress.
The current situation of duct rodder
Recently, threader manufacturers attach great importance to the company’s information automation construction. Threaded over the years have been cooperative development of the financial information management system.  signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the cooperation between the two parties in the field of information automation technology, laying a solid foundation for the frank and in-depth cooperation between the two parties in this field.
Office OA system, threading ERP enterprise resource planning system and HR human resources information management system, threading information automation has accumulated a wealth of technology and experience.
Formed a perfect IT governance structure and unique business integration solutions for both companies, tight line Huaqiang has been committed to the use of information technology to upgrade and upgrade the radical industries and promote high-end manufacturing. The fiber glass duct rodder has played an irreplaceable supporting role in realizing the enterprise science and sustainable development.

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