How to choose high-quality fiberglass duct rodder

On the market with the same type of fiberglass duct rodder, the price from low to high may be a thousand dollars difference, we can see the quality of the product is a long way from, and some of the fiberglass duct rodder is not fully understand the customer most likely to be cheated, so in the purchase Before the fiberglass duct rodder should be a comprehensive understanding of the purchase of high-quality products.
Fiberglass duct rodder manufacturers
Mainly in high-quality products in its material, glass fiber reinforced duct rodder are mainly glass fiber reinforced layer and polyethylene protective layer. The glass fiber reinforced layer in the traction played a major role, but the glass fiber is divided into no alkali, alkali and high alkali three.
So what kind of glass fiber is high quality? Of course, alkali-free, alkali-free glass fiber good flexibility, tensile strength, anti-aging, anti-acid level than other materials.
In addition, we must go to the regular manufacturer of fiberglass duct rodder to buy, regular manufacturers of products are through the national quality system certification, with the test report, the factory to go through the relevant departments audit, from this point of view, to the regular manufacturers are more likely Buy high quality fiberglass duct rodder.

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