Fiberglass duct rodder how to carry out maintenance

In our life, some consumers may not know much about the fiberglass duct rodder, so we will not be particularly successful in the maintenance. It is a very popular consumer product in the power industry. Only the Proper maintenance, in order to ensure the performance of glass fiber duct rodder following professional fiberglass threader manufacturers for everyone to answer in detail about its maintenance methods!
When we run out of fiberglass duct rpdder, we must not put it in a damp environment, so there will be rust, we can put it in a dry environment. When we save it, we should test it, which can help us to discover the problems in time so that we can repair in time to prevent us from using the process of failure. Another is that we need to adjust the temperature of the warehouse in time, because as the seasons change, the warehouse temperature will change, the temperature of the fiberglass threading device is very large, under normal circumstances, we guarantee the indoor temperature at 20 degrees Celsius To set the degree between 30 can, while ensuring the indoor temperature but also to ensure indoor humidity, not easy to make the warehouse humidity is too large, so as not to rust.
The above is the Lanyu FRP duct rpdder manufacturers for everyone to introduce, on the FRP threader maintenance, For more information, please call our hotline, we will sincerely answer your questions.