Fiberglass duct rodder allow the cable to pass through the pipe

In normal life, you need to use a lot of cables, such as cables, communication lines, etc. These lines can be used by people in the building, but they are put outside before they are received in the building. There are many objects in the outer environment and a variety of environmental conditions, they are likely to damage these cables, in order to protect these cables, people are placed outside these cables to protect the cables. This raises the question of how to pass the cables through the pipe. In order to facilitate the construction, people are first paved the pipe, and then to place the cable, then you need to use fiberglass duct rod.
Its role is to go through the cable inside the pipe, it has several parts of the structure, in its innermost is the cable, outside it is a layer of wrapped objects, which is made of fiberglass fiber material, it The role is to protect the cable so that it can not be damaged while passing through the pipe. In the outermost layer of plastic, it can help the cable through the pipe, glass fiber reinforced plastic duct rodder manufacturer in Hebei, good product quality.

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